Anora - A body at war with itself can win no battles.


There are five gods, each a genderless entity who grew out of the body of the ancient one, known as Anora. Since english doesn’t have a genderless pronoun, we are forced to refer to Aderyn as a he for the sake of readability.


Acie (AH-chee-ay) - The God of Eyes - The Seer

Followers - The See-All Nomads

Strength - Magic

Force - Earth

The God of Eyes ever desires new experiences, so they incite their followers to wander.


Nitima (NEE-tim-ah) - The God of Heart - The Passionate

Followers - The Warriors and Lovers of Passion

Strength - Emotion

Force - Fire

The God of Heart thrives on intense emotion, so they keep their followers in love, war, and emotional turmoil.


Ostia (OH-stee-ah) - The God of Mouth - The Hungerer

Followers - The Harvesters of Plenty

Strength - Speech

Force - Life

The God of Mouth takes in and gives back; their followers feed them and are fed in return.


Ryphae (RAI-fay) - The God of Mind - The Thinker

Followers - The Ivory Tower Scholars, the Monks, the Scientists

Strength - Intelligence

Force - Fluid

The God of Mind feeds off learning, and ignites in their followers the desire for knowledge.


Aderyn (ADD-ehr-in) - The God of Hand - The Maker

Followers - The Makers, Artists, Craftsmen

Strength - Free Will, Creativity

Force - Light

The God of Hand takes pleasure in creation - their followers shape the world around them how they see fit.