Anora - A body at war with itself can win no battles.


To inspire creativity in his followers, Aderyn lit the soul fires, flames in his temples that gave men freedom and will to create new and better things. With the fire’s light cast over Anora, multitudes flocked to Aderyn, drawn by his encouragement to pursue whichever path in life they desired, so long as they sculpted their path with their own two hands. Around their necks, they wore Aderyn's charm, round and bright as Aderyn lit their way, whichever way they chose.

And so it came to pass that those who did not follow Aderyn began to draw closer to him, lured by his relatively gentler ways in comparison to the mandates of his siblings, who seemed passing cruel. Aderyn did as he always had, but the other four grew more and more jealous, until at long last, irrational with anger, Ostia, Ryphae, Nitima, and Acie banded together against their sibling.

Knowing his siblings would soon arrive to subdue him, Aderyn acted quickly. He quietly split his very essence into five pieces, so as to thwart the other four, power-hungry as they were. Four of these were entrusted to four of his high priests, who were spread across Aderyn’s Cradle. They hid during the impending invasion, Aderyn’s essence making them immune to the horrible magic that the other four gods would use to twist and destroy Aderyn’s people. As for the last hiding spot, Aderyn hid his remaining essence in a small shrine near the edge of his cradle. Thus prepared, he and his worshippers faced the onslaught of the four jealous gods.

The battle was heated and pitched, but in the end Aderyn's loyal people lay battered and broken across Aderyn’s Cradle, overwhelmed by the power of the other four. To be sure, Aderyn was no match for the others with their fury ignited. The victorious four divided the land of Aderyn's Cradle between them and twisted it into a perversion of the beauty that had once been, its people horribly altered, and corrupted to keep the soulfires smote, and their great works ruined. At last, to ensure Aderyn would never again be a threat, the four trapped him in the great citadel at the heart of his lands, and together banished the entire cradle, life and land, to another plane of existence. When the light and noise ceased, and people dared to look, all they found was an unimaginably large smoking crater, a gaping wound and reminder of what would happen should one cross the gods. Aderyn’s four high priests, the only intact survivors, lay in waiting in Aderyn’s Cradle, hoping for the return of their god, and a way to rekindle the soulfires. The fifth piece, though, sat in the shrine on the edge of the crater that had once been Aderyn's Cradle, a link back to the divine who waited for their champion. Over succeeding generations, Aderyn’s legacy passed from memory until it was but a tale, told by those who wish for something other than the tyranny imposed by the other four.