Once whole, Aderyn's lands have been split assunder by the cataclysmic events of the Soulfire Crysis, making the once traverisible Cradle into 4 sperated areas, the bayou, the desert and the quarry. Each of these unique lands can be accessed by the player from the Cathedral of Aderyn that serves as home to the player. These 4 lands are open worlds for the player to explore, and must be restored...

- laden with secrets, goodies and lost shit and stories and shit...


The Quarry (Ryphae) 

Once the center of mining and industry in Aderyn’s Cradle, the great falls of the highlands now falls into ruin. The many contraptions that once harvested the Earth now lie derelict, crumbling into the rushing streams or decaying in the lush vegetation.

-overtaken with water, abundance of life 

-minning and industrial center of cradle

-talk about highlands, lowlands and towns


The Bayou (Ostia)

The Bayou is a great fungal swamp that contains the ruins of an ancient port city, the trading hub of Aderyn’s Cradle. It is a dense, humid, sticky place filled with giant fantastical fungi and insects. Ruined boats litter regions of the bayou, and the great trading city echoes with the moans of its demonized inhabitants.

-overtaken with life, going rampant 

-metrapolis and center for farming, city in districts



The Howling Cliffs ( Acie)

In the lowlands lies a vast desert containing sun-baked plateaus with their ancient wind-carved cliffs, subterranean lakes, and lush oases. Despite the arid climate, the cliffs once provided shelter to great productive cities built into their sides. Now, dangers lurk inside the halls of the intricate desert cities.

-overtaken by drought and death

- center for music, culture and art



The Icelands

Running through Aderyn’s Cradle is Anora’s Spine, a long chain of high snowy mountains with chilling temperatures, not to mention an immense amount of volcanic activity. Villages and citadels dotted this region, since many roads were built through the mountains that linked much of Aderyn’s Cradle to the rest of Anora. The Soulfire crisis caused the dormant volcanic range to wake up and spew fire yet again.

-overtaken by flame, lava erupting etc. (Nitima)

-center for functional craft, armor, weapons etc

- seperations