Our beliefs

Video games are the future

The video game medium is ripe for a new direction, and we want this game to help that movement.

An experience, not a toy

The best kind of gaming experience has a mix of riveting and immersive gameplay. We want you to experience our world, not just play our game. 


Our priorities


We’re making first-person melee viable, but more importantly: fun. Imagine fast paced, skill-based, strategic combat.  Intuitive controls, dynamic battles. The good stuff.  Not hack-n’-slash.  

Immersive environments

In Cradle, you'll explore four open worlds with all the realism Unreal 4 can offer. This is universe with a deep history and dynamic future, which means that we’re paying heavy attention to detail. No learning about Anora through game guides and articles: You'll experience it.

A story with a message

Cradle's story binds both its environment and gameplay together. It explores humanity’s relationship to both nature and religion. It's an experience we hope will start conversations between players and beyond.