Four Open Worlds

Each with their own rich ecosystems, appeal to the wanderlust of the adventurer in each of us.

Non-linear story

Allowing the player to build their own narrative experience.

No Leveling

Progression is marked by exploration, not points. Leave no stone unturned, an hunt for every secret. Unlock Anora's powerful secrets and watch your abilities grow.


Environmental Puzzles

Exploring Anora won't always be easy. Riddles and mysteries abound. Hidden puzzles and brainteasing obstacles litter the landscape, forcing players use their heads should want to uncover all lore Anora has to offer.

Fluid Movement System 

Lets the player enjoy precise and stable movement without the use of a joystick.

Realfight Combat System

Players can choose how and where to land attacks depending on the anatomy of their targets in real time.



They beckon the player towards lost treasures or powerful secrets. Rather than having a “Quest log”, the player carries a journal of information that keeps track of their progress and various adventures. Though be warned, quests will face a range of obstacles, from hidden foes to momentous forces of nature.

Your Mana Carrier with shards of Life, Life, Fluid, and Stone


Life, Fluid, Stone, Fire, Stone. These making up the Five Forces of Anora which manifests in the form of mana. Players can harness the power manna to fuel their abilities and weapon augments.


Medica links combat to exploration. Healing in Aderyn's Cradle isn't as easy as finding a potion shop. Players must explore and forage for their own medicinal items that allow for the regeneration for health and stamina during battle.

Five Playable Classes

Each are fresh take on traditional RPG character types, with each enjoying a unique set of tactics for both interacting with environments and waging combat.

Augmentation System

The Augmentation System balances the power of attacks with the mana required to enact them. Weapon augments let the player customize the way damage is dealt in combat. Armor augments let you customize the fighting style of your character.