EACH ENVIRONMENT of Aderyn's Cradle is designed to tell a story. We are carefully crafting every detail to create a rich, compelling universe. Haunting city ruins, and sweeping, untamed landscapes all to arouse the wanderlust that lies in the heart of every gamer. From ecosystems to dynamic weather, we’re building our environments using inspiration from the raw beauty and fascinating intricacy of the natural world.

The Bayou

The Bayou is one of the four open worlds of Cradle. Before the Soulfire Crisis, the Bayou was a teeming ecosystem of dense fungal forest, populated by enormous mushrooms, strange plants and large, exotic insects. It was home to bustling centers of trade, and the wilderness overflowed with precious materials ripe for collection. Among the most valuable were the unusual woods which come from the trunks of fungal trees. Diverse groups of merchants, craftsmen, and tradesmen from all over Anora gathered in its bustling towns to peddle their wares. During the Crisis, the land was smote by Ostia’s Life force.

The Bayou in ruins has been twisted by overgrowth, with every creature, fungus, and fungal plant competing for survival. Human ruins have been totally reclaimed by natural forces, and fungus covers every available surface. Once-docile creatures have been transformed into formidable monstrosities, like the Swamp Stalker. Though foreboding, the Bayou is sure to awaken a fervent wanderlust in you, just as for the Aderian adventurers of old who first ventured into its depths in the name of freedom and craft.

The Icelands

The Icelands are one of the four open worlds of Aderyn’s Cradle. In the northernmost reaches of the Cradle lay the Icelands, home to glacial caverns, snow-capped peaks, active volcanoes and hot springs. The Aderians who lived here studied the advantages of geothermal technology, and made themselves expert engineers. They were famous for crafting ways to use the natural heat of volcanoes to power their formidable forges in the pursuit of craft to honor Aderyn. Even before the Crisis, this unforgiving environment proved challenging for all but the most rugged lifeforms.

Now, the land is razed by Nitima’s Fire Force. Areas of extreme heat and chill tear the countryside apart with abyssal rifts, constructing a myriad of natural obstacles to surmount. Gargantuan fields of lava and active volcanoes now dominate the scenic expanses of mountain tundra, where the highest peaks in the Cradle contrast with abyssal moulins cut deep in the permafrost. The player must beat back Nitima’s corruption in this hazardous environment of ice and fire!

The Quarry

The Quarry is one of the four open worlds of Aderyn’s Cradle. The lush and expansive forest of the Quarry once contained a variety of plants, wildlife, and some of the most prosperous industrial regions known to Anora. Following the Soulfire Crisis, the deity Acie transmuted and flooded the land, corrupting it with their force of Fluid. Tropical forests shrouded in mist, waterfalls, hidden caves, flooded settlements and mines can all be explored in this environment.

Remnants of broken-down machinery, pools of water tinted orange with rust, and small mining hamlets populate the mountains and valleys. Eroding gear and pulley systems that were once used for hoisting large rocks and minerals out of the ground will serve as tools for environment-based puzzles, and can be exploited creatively in combat.

The Desert

The Desert is one of the four open worlds of Aderyn’s Cradle. To the far west of the Cradle lie its scorched sands, and badlands, inhabited by a mix of aquatically-influenced plants and animals. During the Soulfire crisis, the land was smote by Ryphae’s force of Stone, causing enormous crevasses to rend the land and desiccating its already-scant water sources.

The arid landscape of the Desert contains sky-high cliffs and formidable mesas with cities built through their windswept caves. Majestic Vika, pictured above, is one such city. Its citizens became famously fascinated with sound and how it bounced off rock; how it echoed deep in the caverns they called ‘home’. They carved and hung special instruments in the caverns of their city that hummed with air currents and harnessed the sounds for record keeping, entertainment, and even magic. 

Much of the sound was distorted following the Crisis, by Ryphae’s corrupting stones altering the perfectly-sculpted shapes of caves and cliffs. The player will seek clues from the past as echoes of ancient music float on howling wind.

The Titanwood

The Titanwood lines the border between Ostia’s Cradle and where Aderyn’s Cradle once lay in the world before being banished to the Metaspace. Ostia’s Life Force has caused the trees here to grow abnormally tall, and the forest to overflow with organisms. Once you depart your village, you must flee through this land to reach Aderyn’s shrine, so that Aderyn can transport you to the ruined Cradle.

The environments in Aderyn's Cradle are handcrafted to create an unforgettable experience. From the painstakingly designed and researched living breathing ecosystems to dynamic weather systems, we intend to give you an envelope pushing fantasy world. Every last detail is designed to evoke wanderlust and inspire discovery as only an open world game can.

A Closer Look Titanwood

Titanwood is the first environment you will encounter in Cradle. The ancient forest once marked the border between nations, but has for centuries been thought to be haunted. Discover what lies hidden within the shaded underbrush of this forgotten land.

Our game's environments are more than just the stage that the story unfolds on. The world of Cradle is a character in its own right, and the setting has moods and stories to tell as much as any character with a spoken line. Extreme care is being given to using the environment to heighten the stories that happen within it as well as to tell its own.


Below is a fly-through of Titanwood, the first experienced and smallest of the five environments. Titanwood is a densely forested area, intense care was given to every single piece of imagery shown, we intend to give this same detail to attention to the entire game. Although only a fraction of what we are going to do, this video showcases the sense of the work we've already put in. We have included several shots with wireframes to reveal some of the underlying work that went into Titanwood.

Enjoy this fly through of Titanwood, the opening scene in Aderyn's Cradle re-built in Unreal 4.