ADERYN'S CRADLE features 5 playable character classes, each with their unique abilities and play styles. 

Each of the 5 character classes will have a distinctive style, and each weapon will have its own signature feel. With deterministic animations we will provide immersive attack animations that always make sense for the part of your opponent you’re aiming at.

Each character class can use up to six unique weapons, all exclusive to each class. Weapons are explicitly designed to shine in different types of combat situations and fighting styles. In Aderyn's Cradle, new weapons are rare and powerful items, often heavily guarded and hidden. Finding one is a big deal. 




More than just unique weapons, armor and styles of combat, each character class has unique ways of moving throughout and exploring the world.

As the Ranger you use your quick reflexes and agility to nimbly traverse otherwise impassible obstacles. These same obstacles could be overcome with the Paladins formidable strength, or the Arcanist's ability to control the world around them. 

Aderyn's Cradle will feature both male and female payable characters. No matter who you choose to be, you will have to forge your own path as you explore the world of Anora.

The Druid

Druids seek balance and communion with nature, preferring the company of the rugged wilds to “civilized” society.

As the Druid, your finely toned muscles and self awareness give you the capability to render powerful strikes, while your unique understanding of the living world allows you to use nature to your advantage. Using vines to ensnare, drag, throw and travel, the Druid can manipulate the battlefield by summoning forth life-giving energies to self-heal, and growth to cause plants to grow and retaliate against the corrupted foes of humanity and nature.

The Druid can also call upon the spirits of the local wildlife, allowing them to see through the eyes of a chosen beast and use it as a conduit for destroying the desecrators of the wilds. Not only can the Druid call upon animals to fight, they can even become one. 


  • Walking Staff of Healing (ThirdStaff, as seen in video)
  • Life Vine & Rock Fist
  • Lute of Life 
  • Bear Fang (Gauntlets)
  • Spirit Talisman 
  • Soothsayer's Truncheon (Quarterstaff)

The Ranger

At home in the shadows, the Ranger is inspired by ninjas and marksmen. 

Wielding a combination of bows, glaives, small daggers and other unique projectiles, the Ranger takes down enemies from afar before even being spotted. Once assaulted, the Ranger quickly switches to use dual daggers, and goes about dispatching enemies in close range with ease, darting across the battlefield. As the Ranger, you will possess quick reflexes and unparalleled speed, enabling you to run circles around enemies, spreading death wherever you step. The trade-off is that you won't take damage very well.

Always being one for speed and agility over strength, the Ranger thrives in the fast pace and adrenaline of combat. As they dodge more attacks, and score hit after hit at fast pace, the Ranger becomes increasingly focused. Eventually, they fall into a deadly cadence, allowing them to ignore both pain and fatigue, and experience infinite stamina.


  • Luna & Corona (Twin Dirks, as seen in videos)
  • The Astral Bow(Composite Bow)
  • The Hornets Needles (Throwing Knives) 
  • Tufaan Arsenal (Spore Bombs)
  • The Dancing Blades (Bouncing Glaives)
  • Perfect Thunder (Crystal Long Bow, as seen in videos)

The Paladin

The Paladin is an indomitable force on the battlefield. With strength unparalleled, they move slowly, conviction in every ground-shaking step. 

As the Paladin, you will down foes with heavy strikes using large one- and two-handed weapons. Being a defender of the weak, it is only fitting that you wield large shields in addition to heavy weapons, and focus on repelling enemy attacks before launching your own devastating blows. With such large weapons and shields, overwhelming to the average obstacle, the Paladin’s strikes send enemies flying, or leave them stunned and vulnerable.

Wading straight into the midst of battles others might evade, the Paladin thrives off of the ability to prevent and block enemy attacks. With every attack blocked, the Paladin gains confidence, building up to become an unstoppable force (for a time).


  • Mother's Benediction (Axe & Shield)
  • Gauntlets of Conviction
  • Spirit of the Serpent (Halberd)
  • The Heart of Gold (Two Handed Shield)
  • Undying Faith (Heavy Hammer, Light Shield)
  • Fist of the Maker (2- Handed Hammer)

The Swordsman

Thriving in close quarters combat, the Swordsman dual wields slicing, piercing weapons and uses maneuverable two handers to slay foes with abandon.

With a powerful shout, the swordsman will rush even the most dangerous of foes with a powerful battle charge.

As a Swordsman, you ignore pain, thriving on every hit an enemy throws at you, especially when you take only light damage. With every hit scored, the Swordsman’s rage increases, making their hits increasingly damaging, and eventually entering an enraged bloodlust. When in this state, the Swordsman gains health with every enemy slain.


  • The Frozen Two-Hander (Two-Handed Sword)
  • The Sword & Shield of Rolling Hill (Light Shield, Medium Sword, as seen in video)
  • Kiha's Blades (Double Axes)
  • The River's Claws (Light Saber, Dirk)
  • The Convert's Resolve (Hand Glaives)
  • The Maker's Fangs (Double Spears, can combine)

The Arcanist

Master of the magical arts, the Arcanist uses superior intellect and the power of their weapons to bend the five forces of the world to their will. 

With terrifying displays of power, the Arcanist strikes fear into the hearts of foes great and little. The Arcanist thrives on this fear which serves to fuel her determination to win, turning her into a catalyst for destruction. If you’re looking for a class able to defeat several enemies in a single, well-placed blow, the Arcanist is for you!

The Arcanist is righteous and cold, using calculated strategies to manipulate the battlefield. Causing confusion and chaos enables the Arcanist to move in and finish foes with quick slashes of a sword, or to create space if they get too close. The Arcanist is not only a living artillery, able to down targets from a distance, they are also a stealthy assassin. Both of these characteristics are integral parts to the Arcanist's prowess in battle.


  • Sword & Staff of Light (Medium Sword, Staff)
  • Frost Fingers & Typhoon Stick
  • Emberstone & Glacial Core
  • Hand of Life & Dagger of Decay
  • Meteorite Codex
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