Cradle features 5 playable character classes, each with their unique abilities and play styles. 



The Swordsman is the embodiment of chaos on the battlefield. Thriving in close quarters combat, the Berserker dual wields slicing and piercing weapons or uses powerful two handers to slay foes with abandon. When at a distance, he is yet unphased. With a powerful shout, the berserker will rush even the most dangerous of foes with a powerful battle charge.


Ignoring pain, the Berserker thrives off of every hit an enemy throws at him, especially when they deal little damage. With every hit, the berserker’s rage increases making his hits more and more devastating, eventually entering an enraged bloodlust. When in this state, the Berserker gains health with every enemy he slays.


Arcanist (Wielder, Medium)

Master of the magical arts, the Arcanist uses both her superior intellect and the power of her staff to bend the forces of the world to his will. With the capable of defeating many enemies with single, well placed attacks, the Arcanist stores the energy of the forces and imbues nearby sources of that force with this stored energy, where by manipulating them to her will.


In addition to using forces to strike down her enemies, she also uses her manipulative capabilities to cause confusion and chaos amongst them, enabling her to move in and finish them with quick slashes of her sword, or to create space so as to launch more devastating attacks.


The Arcanist is not only a living artillery, able to cast down many enemies     from a distance, but also a stealthed assassin. Both of these characteristics are integral parts to the Arcanist's prowess in battle.


With terrifying displays of power, the Arcanist strikes fear into the hearts of her foes. Righteous and cold, the Arcanist thrives off of this fear which serves to fuel her determination to win, turning her into  a catalyst for destruction of evil (causes enemies to flee and attempt to run away).




The paladin is an indomitable force on the battlefield. With strength, unparalleled, he moves slowly, but with conviction, to strike down his foes with either heavy one handed strikes, or even heavier, more lethal attacks with large two handed weapons. Being a defender of the weak, it only fits that the paladin wields many large shields in addition to his heavy weapons, and focuses on repelling enemy attacks before launching his own devastating blows. With such large weapons and shields, so heavy that others couldn't ever imagine wielding, many of the paladins strikes send enemies flying (knockback) or leave them stunned as they attempt to regain     their senses.


Wading into the middle of battle where most others would instead run, the paladin thrives off of his ability to prevent and block enemy attacks. With every attack he blocks, he gains confidence in his abilities, building up to become an unstoppable force (invincible for a time).  




At home in the dark or in the deep wilds, the Ranger is both a ninja and a marksman. Wielding a combination of bows and glaves the Ranger takes down enemies from afar before he’s even spotted. Once assaulted, the ranger quickly switches to use his myriad of knives, bombs and daggers and goes about dispatching enemies with ease as she darts across the battlefield. Although she doesn't take damage well, the Ranger's quick reflexes and unparalleled speed enable her to run circles around her enemies, dealing death as she goes.


Always being one for speed and agility over strength, the Ranger thrives off the fast pace and adrenaline of combat. As she dodges more attacks, and dishes out more of her own at fast pace, she becomes more and more focused, eventually falling into a deadly cadence, allowing her to ignore both pain and fatigue (infinite stamina).




Seeking balance and communion with nature, the Druid is one with his surroundings, preferring to be in the wilds rather than in a city.  His finely toned muscles and his self awareness give him the capability to render powerful strikes, while his unique understanding of the living world allows him to use nature to his advantage. Using vines to ensnare, drag, throw and travel, the druid manipulates the battlefield to his advantage while he sings growth and life into himself to heal his wounds and cause plants to grow and fight for him. The druid can also call upon the spirits of the local wildlife, allowing him to see through the eyes of a chosen beast and use it as a conduit for destroying the desecrators of the wilds.


Not only can the druid call upon animals to for him to fight through, but he can also become one. As he comes closer and closer to oneness with his environment, his strength increases, culminating in the transformation from human to the perfect harmony of nature, across of human and other beasts (turns into a beast).