Visual Update and our First Donation!

Hey Cradle fans!

      Since GDC, one of our main focuses in production has been the beautification of the Titan Wood. Following this, we bring you our first visual update in the form of a video detailing some of the changes we made to a specific part of the Titan Wood. Check out the screenshots below comparing what we presented at GDC with the current area, and see the video for more details!

In addition to the visual update, we have built our second water cooled PC. Our particle/ VFX artist, Nathan, needed a more powerful computer to make the particles for Cradle all that they can be. We are excited to have him back in action!

Finally, we would like to give a very special thanks to our first donor, Spencer K. Every donation makes a difference to Mojo, and brings us closer to making Cradle a reality. 

If anyone is interested in donating, click the donate button at the bottom of the Cradle homepage. Thanks again Spencer!