Technical Director, Lead Programmer



Ben Chung
Country of Origin: USA, Denver, CO, currently Pittsburgh, PA.

As Cradle's Lead Programmer, Ben Chung, has numerous competing responsibilities. He is drawn to Cradle because of the technical challenge that is working with CryEngine and his love for programming.

With so much on his plate, Ben explains his diverse workload, and the drive it takes to manage the programming team, "I serve 3 main roles. The first is that I'm the programmer of first resort, if anyone on the art side finds a bug or needs a change. Secondly, I work on the movement and combat systems and making our unique design come to life. Thirdly, I manage the programming team, and help us get the game out on time."

Ben is Mojo's programming and coding guru. If something needs an answer, he'll figure it out, if somebody doesn't understand something, he'll explain it. He's a huge asset to the team and his unique approach to programming and coding is an irreplaceable foundation. Because Mojo's developing a combat system that has never existed, there's a constant learning curve, a curve that only a leader could step up to. In Ben, we find that leader, and if the programming team needs any assistance, he's there with open ears and the knowledge to move development forward without pause.

Favorite aspect of developing Cradle?
"I'm a coder at heart. I've been programming games since I was 10, and love the challenge of it. Games are unlike any other piece of computer software, since they embody a complicated abstraction, with all the dynamics and design inside them, but also need to be fast, since slideshows aren't enjoyable. This regime of speed and complexity has made me fall in love with game development and everything associated with it."

Ben Chung
Mojo Game Studios
Lead Programmer
Carnegie Mellon University '15
Bachelor's of Science: Computer Science