WEAPON AUGMENTS are an integral part of customizing combat style in Cradle.

Deep beneath the Icelands, the Druid approaches a lava floe as he readies a cloth to absorb the essence of Aderyn's power. This piece of ancient Aderian tapestry is covered in runes that shift and glow as he lowers it in. After the tapestry is applied, radiant energy courses through the staff as it synergizes with its latest augment.  

Five Augments, Three Tiers

Each weapon may be augmented 5 times with any of the 5 different types of of mana: lifelight,firefluid and stone.  

By using the same augment on a weapon multiple times, up to 3 tiers of effects can be had as you tap into the nature of the forces, with every tier’s effects increasing in power and capability. Be careful though, and choose wisely how you wish to upgrade your weapons!

A sample of the Druid's staff with fire augmentation for three levels, both depleted and with full mana.

Mana is required to imbue these weapons with their powerful augments, but more tiers means higher mana consumption with each use. This means that strategy and planning are required to make the most devastating weapons, allowing each player to customize weapons uniquely suited to their fighting style.

Armor Augments

The premise is simple. Each character has a base level of armor to defend against physical and magical damage. In Aderyn’s Cradle, all armor consists of five different attributes that contribute to the abilities of the player’s character. These attributes are:

Physical ResistanceThe player’s immunity to physical harm.
Magic ResistanceThe player’s immunity to magic and poison.
SwiftnessThe amount of energy consumed by the player’s movement.
StabilityThe ability of the player to withstand knockback, stun, and staggering blows.
StealthThe ability of the player to go unnoticed and undetected.

These attributes can be strengthened through the use of Armor Augments, which are materials acquired by the player and applied to a set or portion of armor, causing it to increase in stats. Armor changes in appearance depending on what stats the player chooses to upgrade. All characters start with different base levels of each attribute depending on the player’s chosen class.